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On-Demand Demo of the Reltio Connected Data Platform

Access this on-demand demo of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, and let us show you how unified, reliable and real-time data will help you win in the experience economy and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Legacy MD tools are slow, rigid and expensive. See how the Reltio Connected Data Platform is different.

  • Learn how you can consolidate all data types and from all sources, including transactions and interactions
  • Discover how you can uncover relationships among people, products, organizations, and places and deliver actionable and contextual business insights

In short, you'll learn how Reltio will help you transform your business.  This short demo is great for both B2B and B2C customers.

Michael Pearlman
Senior Solutions Consultant, Reltio

Michael joined Reltio in 2015 and has been part of the solution consulting team ever since, working with complex organizations around the world to solution ideal data management strategies and applications, supporting transformations to native cloud, SaaS architectures. Michael has helped some of the largest organizations in the world understand the value of native cloud MDM and how that can be a needle-moving step in a company’s data management journey.