Keys to Great CX: Balancing Hyper-Personalization with Privacy, Trust and Compliance

Data privacy and consent regulations such as GDPR and CCPA seek to help organizations respect and comply with customers’ preferences. And yet, you need to drive solid customer experiences so you can thrive in today’s experience economy.

So the question is: How do you manage customer data in a way that lets you capitalize on business opportunities and drive great customer experiences while, at the same time, respecting existing and future data protection regulations?

Access this on-demand webinar as we discuss the 5 key steps you can take to deliver outstanding customer experiences by balancing hyper-personalization with the demands of privacy, trust and data protection.

There’s also a short 10-minute demo of Reltio Connected Customer 360 and show you how this can be done.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why compliance and trust is important, and what directives are in place today
  • Why compliance is a board-level responsibility and the associated challenges
  • 5 key ways Reltio can help you balance your CX needs with privacy, trust and data protection
  • How global organizations depend on Reltio to get the balance just right