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Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps

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Forrester Report: Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps

Business operations demand easier access to trusted data, yet data management is progressively getting harder. According to Forrester’s Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps:

"Organizations are realizing that simply putting lots of diverse data into the cloud or a data lake won't magically create meaningful insights — not without further integration, transformation, enrichment, and orchestration. Delivering connected data across hybrid and multicloud sources isn't trivial, especially with growing data volumes, complexity, and the need for rapid ingestion."

Data fabric architecture addresses these challenges head-on and has seen growing adoption. Forrester estimates that “more than one-fourth of large organizations have built a data fabric-like architecture to support their business needs, with more following suit.”

Download this complimentary Forrester report, to find out why and how to leverage this modern approach. You will learn:

  • How a "data fabric" architecture simplifies data management and supports data democratization to enable data-driven businesses
  • A reference architecture with descriptions of core capabilities
  • Business use case examples for achieving customer 360 views, real-time and advanced analytics to drive actionable insights, compliance and audit reporting
  • How to make data fabric part of your enterprise data strategy