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Designing and Delivering the Experiences of the Future

Learn how CarMax is maximizing business impact by engaging and personalizing customer experiences

Today’s businesses are focused on designing and delivering connected customer experiences. To realize success and gain a competitive edge they need to be hyper-personalized and provide consistent digital experiences as a key differentiator to both attract and retain customers. A great customer experience starts with a customer-centric mindset and designing your data-driven digital transformation to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. But where do you start?

What elements do you need to build a superior CX framework? How do you deliver a consistent and relevant experience across all channels? What is your data strategy to deliver a connected experience?

Watch this on-demand CMSWire webinar, featuring Jakki Geiger, the Chief Marketing Officer at Reltio, Gautam Puranik, the Head of Business Strategy and Chief Data Officer at CarMax, and Annette Franz, recognized customer experience thought leader and Founder of CX Journey Inc., where they discuss designing and delivering connected customer experiences to boost customer lifetime value.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • How CarMax revolutionized the automotive retail industry by offering a truly personalized and connected customer experience
  • The critical components of a great customer experience
  • How to design a CX strategy that meets and exceeds customer expectations
  • Identifying business processes to deliver end to end customer experience
  • How to leverage data to deliver a superior CX strategy to gain a competitive edge
  • Considerations when choosing a platform to manage your customer data

Hear how Carmax leverages the Reltio Connected Data Platform, powered by AWS, to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Gautam Puranik

Gautam Puranik
Chief Data Officer & Head of Business Analytics and Strategy, CarMax

Annette Franz

Annette Franz
CEO and Founder, CX Journey Inc.