2021 Customer Experience Requirements: Beyond CDP and MDM

Video Resource

Interactive Roundtable of Experts
Shiseido Group, Forrester, and Reltio


Innovation is essential in a global economy characterized by the exponential growth of digital transformation. Customers expect companies they do business with to be quick, timely, and helpful in the precise moment of interaction. Your ability to make that happen relies on identifying and understanding individual customers to provide well-timed, relevant value across any channel, device, or touchpoints to the consumer. Connected customer data from many sources is required to make this happen.

Panelists discuss:

  • Attributes of a rich Customer 360 profile
  • Importance of real-time data at any point of customer engagement
  • Gaining operational and analytical scale
  • Dynamics of direct-to-consumer (D2B)
  • Time for a tech refresh: Cloud or on-prem?