Product 360


Accurate product data and relationships with actionable information

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Complete Profiles, Flexible Hierarchies and Relevant Insights for a True Product 360

Accurate, timely and reliable product information is important for a variety of business initiatives, such as detailed market, sales and competitive analysis, leading to better planning for faster product launches and improved supply chain efficiency.

Much like customer information, product data comes from a variety of channels, with multi-dimensional and multi-format characteristics. To truly benefit, companies must not only manage data, but make sense of all this “data noise” coming from software applications inside the firewall of an enterprise, third-party data providers, as well as other sources like social networks.

Traditional master data management (MDM) solutions that only master product data for downstream applications are becoming increasingly inadequate in a dynamic, real-time environment where business users want actionable insights, and not just more data.

Today, companies of any size can cost-effectively deliver accurate, reliable product data to business teams for brand management, competitive intelligence, market basket analysis and segmentation. Characteristics of such data-driven solutions include:

  • Managing not just Product Master Data but other entities such as customer, accounts, locations, and policies
  • Multi-domain data standardization and entity resolution
  • Integration and consolidation of data of varying complexity (including hierarchies and network graphs)
  • Providing an operational data-driven application that supports collaboration across teams
  • Delivering relevant insights and recommended actions using machine learning and predictive analytics

complete product understanding

A Product 360 data-driven solution brings together data from multiple internal, third-party, public and social sources storing information in a Commercial Graph. The graph is a single repository for not just all your product master reference data, but also transaction and interaction data related to products, such as product sales data, and even product intelligence from third-party data sources to create the complete and accurate picture.

flexible Hierarchies to manage complexity

Data-driven applications provide the required entity resolution and product standardization across all structured and unstructured data, from internal systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Excel, Word and third-party data you subscribe to and help create flexible hierarchies to manage complex product groups. Flexible hierarchy management and modeling can combine non-product entities, such as customers, locations, transactions, and interactions supporting an unlimited combination of needs across all business teams. 

single source driving operational excellence

Product brand, sales and marketing teams can gain access to product information when it is exported and synchronized with downstream systems. Teams can also manage and access information through data-driven applications containing relevant information and views specifically targeted to their business needs. Intuitive dashboards with easy visual navigation provides customized analysis across any set of dimensions of the product data. It can also be set up to detect new or updated data from sources, notifying various stakeholders of its arrival, proactively uncovering information.

Start Small Grow Big

You can rapidly deploy a Product 360 data-driven application specific to your industry and domain focus through the Reltio Cloud, or choose to build up complete data and functionality by solving targeted business problems for multiple organizational units. Reltio data-driven applications automatically share data, so that information is up-to-date, never siloed and always synchronized.


Reltio also provides unique collaborative curation of information by your customer-facing teams. With fine grained workflow and governance you can be assured of getting the most accurate information in real-time. Reltio can also flexibly deliver information to your downstream applications or provide access through embedded widgets within your CRM application.

at the speed of your business

IT can now deliver value to business faster. Real-time configurable data model adapts to business needs, across any use case, for any industry, without tedious customizations. Your applications come with your data instantaneously blended with third-party sources, so you are up and running quickly. Reltio Cloud is multi-tenant, horizontally-scalable and always available. Deployed in the cloud, you will be up and running faster than you dreamed possible.