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MedPro: Bryan Andrews, Director Sales Operations

Bryan Please Tell our readers a little about yourself.

I have been with MedPro Systems for the past ten years serving in a variety of roles. My initial responsibilities centered around business development, solution delivery and building customer relationships through direct account management.  Based on the continued growth of MedPro Systems, my responsibilities have expanded to encompass Sales Management and tactical Leadership, focusing on the overall expansion of MedPro Systems’ product suite, company direction and strategic partnerships with industry leading solution providers.

What makes MedPro unique?

MedPro Systems provides the latest and most accurate healthcare licensing data, using powerful software tools and integrations, with a commitment to customer service, all at an exceptional value. We acquire our state license information directly from over 800 licensing boards, covering the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. We cross reference the baseline state license data with other industry identifiers, providing our clients with the widest profile available for each HCP.

MedPro Systems is proud to be the leading provider of healthcare license data solutions to over 300 Life Science customers, including 21 of the Top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers, with many of our business partnerships spanning 10 plus years.

What’s new and exciting at MedPro?

MedPro’s focus is to provide the latest and most accurate healthcare licensing data via a host of delivery methods. We are very excited to be implementing our 2015 roadmap for customers. This year MedPro will be adding additional healthcare provider types within our US database, acquiring new data sources to develop the widest profile possible on healthcare providers, including the rollout of international healthcare data that can be utilized for global aggregate spend initiatives.

We look forward to sharing this information with our customers, partners and the life sciences industry soon!       

How do you see customers benefiting from the combination of MedPro and Reltio?

We see the integration of Reltio and MedPro as a great opportunity for life science companies to move their business ahead with access to the industry leading MedProID HCP database within the Reltio state-of-the-art, modern data management solution.

Reltio’s data-as-a-service represents a ground breaking new capability in life sciences. Allowing life sciences companies to choose the highest quality data that meets their business needs on demand makes them more efficient. MedPro’s partnership with Reltio gives companies a choice across the best available data sources for maximum competitive advantage.