What’s New in Reltio Connected Data Platform Release 2021.3

It is an exciting day for the Reltio community. A new release, 2021.3, went just out and brought game-changing capabilities to our customers and partners that I am personally thrilled to share here.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.3 includes multiple enhancements themes: real-time integration, entity 360, user experience, security, and compliance. I will walk you through each value area with the supporting new features.

EA indicates Early Access program where the feature is available to the customers that choose to participate

Real-Time Integration

We have embedded new integration capabilities within the Reltio Connected Data Platform, which allows plugging Reltio’s modern, cloud-native MDM into your IT and business environment rapidly and seamlessly. We have a lot more to say about our new integration capabilities, and more will come in our next blog post.

Data Loader Improvements: Data Loader allows bulk data import into Reltio Connected Data Platform. In the new release, the following features increase user productivity and allow easier data loading. You can now:

  • Map multiple columns/fields to the same attribute
  • Add additional fields and create/update dates in the crosswalk
  • Have the option to do partial updates, which is the default setting now
  • Do partial override for reference fields, attribute update dates, and more

Delta Payload in Event Streaming: Reltio Event Streaming feature processes events to external queues or topics, such as Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Google PubSub, and Azure Service Bus in JSON format. In the 2021.3 release, we allow the event to contain data only about modified attributes. Of course, you still have the snapshot payload option. In addition, a new self-service UI in Queue Management enables you to configure the data payload for modifying or creating a new queue. These capabilities give you more control over the event content and enable better use of service resources, reducing metered API consumption.

Entity 360

Graph Search for Missing Relations: In the last release, as part of the early access program, we introduced the graph search within the Search module to support data analysis and remediation of consolidated profiles. Any entity and relation attributes—up to three-level connections—can be included in your search. By querying profiles based on relationship data (e.g., profiles associated with an organization) combined with other attributes (such as location), you can gain critical insights for operational decision-making. A common use case is creating targeted lists for marketing campaigns to drive revenue growth.

In this new release, we expanded the search capability to include the criteria of whether a relationship exists or not. The richness of our search feature increases user productivity and lowers time to insight. You can now rapidly find very specific profiles that are not associated with other entities and filter further by different attributes for granular insight. Additionally, you can now export graph search results to supported destinations using the new export button.

User Experience

UI Modeler – Import/Export Tool: We continue to invest in features to keep you agile. You can now configure and deploy your UI changes directly without involving the Reltio Support team. After downloading your UI configuration files, you can apply changes and deploy them on your Reltio tenant. That means you can speed the pace of your deployment and modify the UI faster on your own as your business needs change.

Sources – New User Interface: The new Sources UI improves data steward productivity by introducing several new capabilities. Personalization enables you to address different users’ functional business requirements, while simplified editing, history view, and constant color assignments help your data stewards seamlessly manage crosswalks from multiple sources.

Activity Log – New User Interface: The activity log also has a redesigned UI to improve user productivity. Your data stewards now have access to a redesigned activity log perspective on the Profile UI. They can quickly review profile changes with advanced filters, easy scrolling, and color-coded changes.

Compliance and Security

Enhanced Authentication of Service Accounts: As part of our commitment to provide a secure solution, we offer an additional, more robust mechanism to authenticate client IDs and service accounts with a dynamic and unique payload for each authentication request. The new method allows you to create cryptographically signed payloads. It uses a JSON web token with a shared key. Reltio authorization service verifies the signature before issuing an access token. We continue to support authorization with your client credentials for an access token and user name and password grant-type authorization flows.

Right to Delete/Right to Erasure: To ease compliance with GDPR erasure and CCPA delete requests, we made the SLAs for erasing personal identifiable information (PII) user-configurable. While the default timeline for deletion of records from the platform is 10 days, you can change it as required. You can also receive a verification that a delete request has been executed. Our new stringent SLAs help you execute the requests in advance of the compliance threshold.

You can find more details on these new features in the 2021.3 release notes in documentation. To see demos of the key new features you can watch our team’s recent community webinar recording as well. To see a customized demo, please reach out to our experts.

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