A big day for us. A great day for our clients.

Today is a monumental day in the history of Reltio. On the famous Nasdaq signage in Times Square in New York City – where some of the greatest companies of the modern era have been showcased – you will see the name Reltio. We are extremely excited about this recognition and honored to have the exchange share in the celebration of such a big moment for our company. This is an exciting inflection point in our company’s journey as we accelerate the realization of our mission: to help companies power the experiences of the future with the data that matters most to their business.

We want to take a moment to personally share this moment with you.

Today, Reltio secured $120 million in a funding round – valuing our business at approximately $1.7 billion. This is a surreal milestone, which began about ten years ago when I (Manish) sought to pursue a mission, bootstrapped with my own savings, to deliver a cloud-native solution.

The funding round is led by investment firm Brighton Park Capital – a growth equity investment firm that specializes in partnering with growth-stage software, healthcare and tech-enabled service businesses – and also involves existing investors Crosslink Capital, NewView Capital, RPS Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and .406 Ventures.

Today brings much hard work to fruition. There’s a deep sense of pride in seeing the work we have all been doing throughout the years validated in this way. With much excitement and anticipation, this moment marks the dawn of a new era.

We have worked hard to be the industry’s first cloud-native SaaS platform that unifies, cleans, and makes actionable the data across companies’ many application silos. With this new investment, we will be able to scale our operations to offer game-changing technology to more customers, in more places all around the world.

The data challenge keeps growing. We’re growing to meet it.

Right now, business applications are multiplying at an exponential rate, and the data they collect is being gathered in disconnected, siloed, unsafe, and unusable ways. The challenge of harnessing value out of the massive amounts of data businesses receive has never been greater. There is just too much, in too many forms, across too many applications, to make useful sense of it.

We developed Reltio because we passionately believe in the power of data to help customers maximize their impact every day. And we know that multi-source, multi-format, multi-siloed data really can be turned into useful, actionable information – with the right technology. Reltio’s technology.

Today, with our most recent round of funding, we are certain that our name can become synonymous with data value acceleration. That we can help companies of all sizes have a clearer view of their operations, better serve their customers, and improve decision-making –thanks to the clarity and reliability of their data.

A final thanks, and a promise.

We want to thank the entire Reltio team. This funding is a testament to the faith our investors have not just in our product, but also in the people who will lend their talent, time and passion to building our vision. We are lucky to be members of a team committed to living our values, and we are thankful for them every day. To our existing customers, partners, board of directors, and investors — thank you for the trust you place in us daily, and for your help and partnership in helping us build Reltio to where it is today. We could not have reached this point without all of you.

We also want to reiterate what we alluded to at the start. This is a momentous day … not because we have reached a goal or a destination. Today is the start of something monumental – and that is why we are celebrating.

For all of us – employees, customers, partners, shareholders – the next phase of our growth journey is going to be fun. If you believe in our mission and are full of grit, we invite you to join our team!

Onward and upward.

Chris Hylen, CEO and Manish Sood, CTO and Founder of Reltio

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