Delivering Patient-centric & Personalized Care

Executives within the healthcare industry are executing data-driven strategies to ensure:

  • Improved patient understanding for personalized care

  • Improved collaboration across payers, providers and pharma to improve patient experience

  • Adaption to new healthcare models such as pay for performance

  • Relevant insights for better health outcome such as low readmission rates, improved adherence to treatment, and more impactful preventive and wellness programs

  • Mapping the complete patient care journey in an omnichannel world

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See how other leaders are transforming their business

To realize the benefits of cloud computing in the MDM space, we chose to partner with Reltio rather than going with a legacy MDM vendor.
— A Leading Health Services Company
  • Integrated 70+ systems in less than 12 weeks
  • Created a single view of diverse B2B customers to understand their needs and offer customized products & services
  • Conducted whitespace analysis to identify upsell and cross sell opportunities
Reltio Cloud is a foundational component of our data supply chain modernization effort.
— A Leading Online Resource for Comprehensive Information About Physicians & Hospitals
  • Integrated consumer data from disparate data sources
  • Created single view of hospitals, patients & their households
  • Progressed on their path to digital transformation