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Why Digital Workplace Apps Are Not Producing Great Customer Experiences

By David Roe

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Why Personalization Creates Problems

Many digital transformations initiatives across industries are driven by the mandate of delivering better customer experience with hyper-personalization. Such personalization depends on a very deep understanding of the customer, their needs, preferences, behavior, choices, demographics and socio-economic information.

According to Ajay Khanna, vice president of marketing at Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Reltio, disconnected channels, systems and applications must come together to create a single source of truth of reliable customer data to deliver relevancy and personalization. In addition, companies must adhere to compliance requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.) This requires collecting and understanding all available customer data from all internal, external and third-party sources.

Organizations have deployed various systems including data warehouses, business intelligence tools, customer hubs, and lately, data lakes to solve this challenge.

However, Khanna said that the outcome of these initiatives has not been great. There has been no significant improvement in customer digital experience or impact on the bottom line. The data sources and formats have grown at a much faster rate than these solutions can adapt. As IT struggles to tame this beast, business needs change, new applications are onboarded, and data keeps on getting fragmented and murkier.

For digital experience initiatives to be successful, companies need to ensure that the data driving the processes and consumer engagement is reliable and compliant. “This requires the ability to connect to all necessary data sources of different formats, and match and merge the data to create a clean, reliable customer data foundation,” he said.

This helps create a progressively richer profile of the consumer. When you add new systems to your infrastructure, or you purchase a new data source, make sure they’re connected to the existing data hub quickly and can access the consumer information from the same single source of truth. “As you deploy new channels, they contribute to a richer view into the customer journey along a single timeline. Such agility and flexibility are essential for today’s dynamic business environment and for delivering the desired digital experience,” he added.