Enterprise Cloud Management: Big Data, MDM and Graph Database Realization

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by  Keith D. Foote   

In this interview Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Reltio’s co-founder and Chief Architect, said:

“Our foundation is reliable data that is delivered through a Master Data Management and Enterprise Cloud Management system. On top of this data, we are delivering data-driven applications to business users. And then, on top of this clean data, we are using the power of a graph database to connect objects, and cover those kinds of relationships.”

The article notes that the upgraded platform, Cloud 2017.1, is capable of processing hundreds of terabytes of data, and managing multi-domain entities. Data storage is spread across Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, and other forms of computer memory. Additionally, Reltio has recently partnered with SnapLogic to embed Enterprise Cloud Management into Reltio’s new platform. The combined resources provide users with an easy way to load and coordinate data from Reltio’s Cloud.

The phrase “cutting-edge” could be used in describing Reltio. So could the words synergistic and eclectic. In 2016, Reltio was declared an IDC innovator for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) design. According to Ramon Chen, the Chief Product Officer at Reltio:

“We’re seeing a trend where it’s a scenario of evolve or die. Large companies may have the resources, the money, and technology, and probably already invested millions of dollars 10 years ago to solve a problem, but the problem has changed and the efficiencies of the problem have changed. Their competitors can now get into the game with better systems and better Cloud Data Management platforms. Their ability to be more agile, to know their customers better, to get a 360 degree view, and to be able to service them better at a personalized level, is the competitive advantage in this evolving market.”


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