Modernizing Data Management in Healthcare

Healthcare continues to undergo significant transformations. With the emergence of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), the approach to healthcare is significantly evolving. The focus is on the overall well-being of a patient as opposed to one-time treatments. This patient-centric approach requires a complete understanding of patients, including their demographics, behavior, needs, and preferences. The goal is to improve the overall quality of a patient’s life by building long-term relationships. This paradigm shift in care delivery requires pharma, payers, and providers to collaborate more closely than ever before.

Reliable data is at the heart of driving digital transformation in healthcare. The quality of data impacts every decision made along the patient’s healthcare journey. When data about patients, physicians, employees, caregivers, and care locations is incomplete and fragmented, it’s unthinkable to manage the relationships among all these participants of the healthcare ecosystem and derive meaningful insights from their day-to-day interactions. Unreliable data in healthcare is the root cause of many inefficiencies, leading to higher costs across the continuum. Worse, it may result in mistakes and unforeseen incidents threatening patient safety

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