Bridging the Gap Between Analytical Insight & Operational Execution with Maxim Lukichev

Maxim Lukichev, Lead Data Scientist at Reltio discusses how a Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) is able to bridge the gap between traditional analytics and operational data-driven applications. He delves into the age old problem of keeping data in sync between the MDM source of clean, reliable dimensional data and analytics environments such as Apache Spark, as well as traditional data warehouses. Finally, he covers how a new breed of data-driven applications seamlessly packages up both operational execution and analytical insights, in-context and in a closed-loop, for faster Time To Analytics (TTA), measurable ROI and better outcomes.

Reltio Maxim Lukichev

Max is currently focused on extending Reltio’s big data analytics framework, known as Reltio IQ (Formerly Reltio Insights) and machine learning capabilities on top of the reliable master data management foundation built into the Reltio Cloud platform. You can contact him at