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Applying Machine Learning to Decipher Relationships Inside Big Data

Ovum On the Radar Report:

Reltio applying machine learning to decipher the relationships inside big data.

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While master data management (MDM) has helped enterprises consolidate their views of the customer or product from within their own internal sources, these solutions have not scaled to handle the connected world. Reltio has introduced a cloud-based, data-driven applications and data management offering that not only extends master data to external data sources, but makes it actionable.

Key messages

  • Offering a big data take on MDM, Reltio is going beyond the traditional data integration focus with a cloud-based application that incorporates analytics, machine learning, and data-as-a-service and recommends actions to business users.

  • While Reltio is offering its data-driven applications and data management platform to all sectors, it has released targeted services for life sciences, oil and gas, and the public sector.

  • Beyond the challenge of competing against well-entrenched incumbents, Reltio’s chief hurdle is getting critical-mass breadth and depth of coverage in key verticals to make its value proposition sufficiently compelling. Ovum believes that a partnering strategy with third-party software providers and integrators will be critical. 

We have always believed that MDM is most effectively implemented, not as an integration tool, but as an application that ingrains domain knowledge about how specific industry sectors organize data.

Reltio is applying that approach to big data, taking it a step further by applying machine learning to guide users and help them make decisions based on their discoveries about how people, products, and/or other entities interrelate. But for Reltio, MDM is just a means to an end. Its product, the Reltio Cloud, delivers what the company terms “data-driven applications” through a data management platform that incorporates MDM, big data, analytics, machine learning, data-as-a-service, and social collaboration. Reltio’s challenge is to effectively demonstrate to customers leery of traditional MDM that this is an application, not simply a data integration or data quality tool.