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ZS Associates & Reltio Innovate with Cloud-based Master Data Management Solutions for Life Sciences

Partnership delivers agile, cost-effective sales and marketing business intelligence solutions for life sciences

EVANSTON, IL and PALO ALTO, CA – September 16, 2014 – ZS Associates and Reltio today announced they have entered into a partnership to build Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for sales and marketing organizations in the life sciences industry. As a premium partner, ZS will develop solutions that integrate business intelligence platforms with Reltio’s Business Graph to offer end-to-end, cloud-based data management, reporting and analytics.

ZS’s deep subject matter expertise in data management across the life sciences industry paired with Reltio’s easy to use visual interface for MDM provides a unique solution for graphical mapping of account master, customer master, product master, hierarchies, customer affiliations, key account management and network mastering, simplifying what used to be a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

“The availability and sources of data are growing at a significant pace across the life sciences industry. This cloud-based solution offers industry-leading capabilities at a competitive price point by eliminating the infrastructure and maintenance costs usually incurred to perform similar tasks,” said Faisal Zaidi, a principal leading the business technology and operations practice at ZS Associates. “Data stewards can deploy the easy to use interface for keeping data mastering up-to-date without significant technical dependency and also seamlessly integrate mastered data with downstream applications, such as ARTiS, ZS’s Business Intelligence solution and other analytics functions.”

ZS Associates is one of the world’s largest business services firms specializing in transforming sales and marketing. The global sales and marketing firm helps clients gain market share at lower cost by creating data-driven sales and marketing strategies they can execute rapidly.

ARTiS is ZS Associates’ business intelligence platform, designed specifically for the life sciences industry that delivers actionable insights by pairing insights from data with innovative mobile technology in a cloud-based subscription model. ARTiS is one of many business intelligence solutions that ZS can integrate with Reltio for improved MDM.

Reltio is an innovator in offering its Business Graph, a next generation cloud-based information management platform, to provide real-time, actionable and predictive insights that relate multiple datasets, entity types and transaction and interaction data from disparate sources.

The Reltio Business Graph allows business users to understand the complete 360 view of the markets they serve and the multitude of connections between customers, products and channels to grow revenue, improve productivity and lower costs.

“Reltio Business Graph offers a new, agile approach to information management that allows for iteration at a much faster pace and can easily scale to increase the scope of information,” noted Manish Sood, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Reltio. “This combined with ZS Associates’ industry expertise and business intelligence technology is especially valuable for sales and marketing organizations that undertake data management to better understand their customers and want direct access to information.”

About Reltio

Reltio’s Business Graph allows business users in sales, marketing and compliance to understand the complete 360 view of the markets they serve to grow revenue and improve productivity. Business Graph is enabled by a next generation cloud-based information management platform. Reltio solutions are in use in the healthcare and life sciences, distribution, financial services and retail industries. For more information, visit www.reltio.com.

About ZS Associates

ZS Associates is a global leader in sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and software. For more than 30 years, ZS has helped companies across a range of industries get the most out of their sales and marketing organizations. From 21 offices around the world, ZS experts use analytics and deep expertise to help companies make smart decisions quickly and cost effectively. ZS comprises multiple affiliated legal entities. Learn more at www.zsassociates.com.

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