Reliable data and relevant insights for better health outcomes


Healthcare is undergoing a major transformation. With the emergence of IDNs, ACOs and MCOs, the approach to healthcare is evolving. The focus is on overall well-being and quality of life, rather than a one-time treatment. This requires a new patient-centric approach, complete understanding of the patient’s needs, behaviors and preferences and focus on building long-term relationships. 

Pharma, payers and providers collaborate to ensure better healthcare outcomes as new reimbursement models, like pay-for-performance get established. Healthcare organizations are working with PBMs to monitor adherence and fast initiation of new treatments. Healthcare providers are looking beyond product costs and working with distributors and GPOs to evaluate end-to-end supply-chain efficiencies.  

In this changing healthcare environment, you need a modern approach to data management.

With Reltio Cloud, you get a modern data management platform that fuels data-driven applications in support of all your patient-centric healthcare initiatives.

Reltio Cloud enables a complete understanding of your patients, physicians and other partners across all clinics and facilities, with real-time visibility into relationships, healthcare metrics and utilization trends by the site of care.


Meeting today’s goals of patient-centricity, lowering readmission rates and ensuring adherence requires complete patient understanding. Blending all patient profile information including EMR, lab results, omnichannel interactions and transaction, claims and reimbursement info. into a single easy to use data-driven application helps HCOs to provide better care.

Understanding patient relationships with HCPs, caregivers, therapists and family members provides new insights into patient’s support structure. Healthcare organizations can now utilize all this data for further insights like readmission risk and present to the HCP within the patient profile for timely actions.


Evolving reimbursement landscape is pushing healthcare providers to look beyond product costs and examine end-to-end supply-chain efficiency. They are looking towards manufacturers, distributors, and GPOs to help them become leaner and more efficient while remaining patient-centric.  

With Reltio, GPOs can provide additional value to healthcare organizations by uncovering all relationships across the supply-chain ecosystem and providing unprecedented economies using reliable data and relevant insights. Learn more.




PBMs are looking for new ways to improve customer contract value while reducing revenue leakages due to gaps in discounts and drug utilization. 

Reltio Cloud provides an integrated way to view data, related and relevant to their objectives through a single authoritative application. Learn more.


You can rapidly deploy a Reltio data-driven application specific to your company's challenges and domain focus in weeks. Reltio's Data as a Service partnerships with third-party providers such as LexisNexis HMS, MedPro, DarkMatter2BD and others, offer you the choice of the best stakeholder and affiliation data in the industry.  


Reltio allows you to easily track and analyze cross-correlation of product metrics, including longitudinal performance under the contract. You can also identify, manage and model product consumption, prescription and utilization trends by the site of care. And ultimately determine if the right resources and investments are made for each organization and measure targets and goals to actual performance. 


With so many fingers in the data pie, you need comprehensive auditing and tracking features to guarantee compliance. Reltio provides a historical trail for any data merged or updated. Reltio's fine-grained clickstream analysis can even be used to alert you to abnormal data viewing patterns by application users for possible information breach or theft, or used for compliance and efficiency training on how to best use the applications and the data.