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Transforming Related Data into Real-time Business Opportunities

Reltio applications allow business users to understand markets, drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure through actionable, real-time and predictive insights by relating disparate datasets from multiple sources. Unlike analytics-only systems, Reltio provides an easy to use visual environment for business users where they can not only navigate the insights but also curate, update and enrich the business data to continually improve the enterprise information.

Corporations combine internal enterprise data, third party premium data feeds, social media and unstructured data using Reltio’s patent pending real-time Data Science Engine™. This aggregated and related data is used to understand markets without the need for complex queries or programming; enabling the identification of high-value opportunities, creation of highly targeted marketing programs and reduction of risk for compliance efforts. Reltio delivers the business applications via public and private clouds to enable corporations to efficiently drive more revenue.

Reltio is data vendor neutral, since it allows you to combine data from multiple data sources and feeds. However, Reltio makes the process of on-boarding third party data feeds easier by working with Data Partners to pre-integrate their data solutions into the Reltio applications, such that users can easily search across the available thirds party data universe and choose the segment they want to subscribe to and onboard into the Reltio applications.

System Integrators and ISV’s can build upon the Reltio Real-time Data Management platform to surface real-time insights and applications.

Reltio solutions are already in use at a leading financial services company and available for leading Wall Street financial institutions, life sciences and retail companies who need to support revenue generating activities with real-time insights.

Reltio is privately held company with offices in Palo Alto, California. To learn more, join the conversation at twitter.com/reltio.