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Connected Customer in Financial Services

Learn how Reltio’s Master Data Management platform has combined modern technologies such as Graph, NoSQL, Big Data-scale Analytics to deliver its next-generation MDM solution on a Cloud-native, SaaS platform and providing robust and reliable connected customer in Financial Services.

Financial services are often viewed as undifferentiated. But forward-looking banks, mortgage lenders, asset managers, and mutual fund companies are increasingly adopting connected customer experience strategies to stand apart from competitors.

Topics Covered:

  • Unifying Business Data is Critical to Improve Customer Experience
  • Real-time, Connected Customer Data is Required to Optimize Customer Experience
  • Privacy and Consent Goes Far Beyond Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategic Customer Data Management Has Long-Term Business Value
  • Connected Customer in Financial Services Demo

Matt Kehoe

Matt Kehoe
Managing Director – Financial Services, Reltio

Matt Gagan

Matt Gagan
Principal Solutions Consultant, Reltio