One Profile Across All Applications

Reltio Identity 360 lets you:

  • Create One Profile by unifying consumers, contacts, or employees data
  • Continuously update and enrich the One Profile with 3rd-party data
  • Discover the customer’s relationship with various people
  • Manage customer’s privacy and consent preferences
  • Power all applications with real-time One Profile

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Experience the full power and robust features of Identity 360 in both the Free and Premium versions:

  • Pre-configured data model, identity resolution and progressive stitching
  • Universal ID
  • North American Address standardization, verification and geocoding
  • Email & phone standardization
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
  • Country-specific Address standardization, verification and geocoding upon request
  • Pre-configured relationships & identity graph
  • Pre-configured governance workflows

Get access to the full power of Reltio Identity 360, with up to 10,000 profiles FREE and with the ability to scale up the number of profiles, as needed with Premium.

Consolidated Profiles: Up to 10,000 profiles

Domain: Person-only

Support: Self-service / Reltio Community

Scale up as needed with additional profiles and storage. Customers can start small and grow.

Consolidated Profiles: Tier pricing starting $2000/month

Domains: Person-only

Support: Online

Reltio Identity 360 Pricing Calculator

Estimated Number of Consolidated Profiles:
Estimated Number of Consolidated Profiles

Price Per Year:
Price Per Month:
Please Contact Reltio for higher volume pricing or HIPAA / CMEK (Reltio Shield) options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If Identity 360 Premium is Person-only, is enterprise required to get Org and Contact?

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