Customer 360


A personalized 360 degree view of your customers & their relationships


Complete Profiles, Contextual Information and Relevant Insights for a True Customer 360

CRM applications are insufficient for enterprises to create a true Customer 360 view, and master data management (MDM) solutions haven’t fulfilled their promises either. Built on legacy relational data models, CRM apps are unable to capture complex real-world relationships like those found in graph-powered applications, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. MDM-only tools, apart from the fact that they are expensive and complicated, leave the transactions and insights to other systems. It's necessary to go beyond CRM and traditional MDM to get a true Customer 360. Reltio for Customer 360 complements your CRM and marketing automation applications to allow you to improve sales rep. productivity, and targeted customer engagement through multichannel interactions with more reliable customer data. Ultimately reducing cost and increasing your top and bottom line.  

complete customer understanding

Whether it's organizations or people, Reltio Cloud can be used to deploy a data-driven Customer 360 solution to bring together data from multiple internal, third-party, public and social sources for complete profiles, and uncovers relationships not just between people and organizations, but products, locations, contracts, activities and transactions. A complete picture across all sources is needed to accurately formulate recommended actions to achieve desired goals.

Get Hierarchies & Relationships Your way

Separate customer MDM-only tools can help improve the data quality of CRM systems, but without the proper graph-based foundation to capture and manage complex relationships and hierarchies across people, organizations, products and transactions, customer 360 initiatives will continue to be locked into the fixed, rigid legal structures which take months to map to the way you actually do business.


contextual and personalized

Context is an important factor in creating a usable Customer 360 view. Reltio Cloud for Customer 360 provides all the relevant customer information to the user, based on the user’s role and the task at hand. Using built-in, continuous integrated Data as a Service feeds to popular third-party data sources, such as Dun & Bradstreet, you can get a complete 360 view aligned to your objectives.

Start Small Grow Big

You can rapidly deploy a Customer 360 data-driven application specific to your industry and domain focus through the Reltio Cloud, or choose to build up complete data and functionality by solving targeted business problems for individual organizational units. Reltio data-driven applications automatically share data, so information is up-to-date, never siloed and always synchronized.


Reltio also provides unique collaborative curation of information by your customer-facing teams. With fine grained workflow and governance, you can be assured of getting the most accurate information in real-time. Reltio can also flexibly deliver information to your downstream applications or provide access through embedded widgets within your CRM application.

Stay in sync

Finally, your entire organization can be on the same page with reliable data and recommended actions to successfully execute on the promise of Customer 360. With Reltio Cloud's modern data management PaaS underpinning a Customer 360 solution, you can develop relationships and deliver superior customer service to relevant executives and influencers.