Shift Your Career into High Gear with the New Reltio Certification Program

The move to cloud computing and the increasing reliance on data as a driver of competitive business advantage is creating new career opportunities for enterprise architects and data integration specialists around the world. It’s also generating a way for data integrators and service providers to build confidence in their expertise with new and existing customers.

Nothing seems to be hampering the embrace of cloud computing – not a worldwide pandemic, not a slowed-down economy. In fact, today’s economic climate has probably helped accelerate the interest and pace of cloud adoption. Many companies are using a lull in business to transition to native cloud platforms like Reltio Customer 360 to sharpen their master data management capabilities, lower their costs, and prepare for the economic upswing which economists and stock market indicators predict is on the way.

This all seems to be motivating IT professionals – whether independently, at Reltio installations, or within service provider organizations -- to sharpen their skills in cloud-native master data management as a path to increasing their value to their companies, enhancing their career or business opportunities on a broader scale, and boosting their income.  And the momentum is being stoked by a tight IT jobs market.

According to a recent article in CIO Magazine, cloud architects and database administrators ranked second and third (behind security professionals) as the most in-demand jobs for 2021. Another publication, TechRepublic, put aptitude in cloud-native architecture at the top of the list for in-demand skills in 2021.

Reltio Academy and its new Certification Program are right in line with this trend. The revamped courses and new certifications have emerged just in time to help IT professionals prepare for these opportunities. And Academy courses are free!

Reltio Academy – Fueling Your Journey to MDM Expertise

Reltio Academy courses are on-demand, self-paced, and perfect for busy professionals. Two to four-hour courses are delivered in easily consumable modules that only take between five to 30 minutes to complete. Information is consolidated for logical, progressive learning, conveniently available 24/7, and supported with video examples and practice exercises. Need help or answers? Reltio expert advice is available in each course. Also, courses are designed for a variety of skill levels.

Foundational courses are available for business-oriented users who want to understand the Reltio platform’s features and capabilities, the types of business use cases Reltio can address across various industries, and the benefits that businesses derive. Users can also learn how to navigate the Reltio platform through its UI.

Academy advanced courses are designed for more technical users who need in-depth information on how to configure the Reltio cloud-native SaaS platform for specific needs or integrations. These include:

  • Reltio Connected Data Platform and Architecture – Introduces key aspects of the Reltio Connected Data Platform and technical architecture.
  • Reltio Configuration Fundamentals – Covers tenant configuration and creates a foundation for the skills necessary to configure and integrate Reltio solutions. Students get hands-on experience with a Reltio tenant and associated labs to practice configuration, data loading, and extraction.
  • Creating Match Rules – Familiarizes students with the matchingframework within the Reltio platform.
  • Exporting Data from Reltio – Teaches various methods for extracting data from a Reltio tenant in real-time, in batch and in ad-hoc form.
  • Loading Data into Reltio – Provides an understanding of the end-to-end process for loading data into a Reltio tenant including data profiling, extraction, transformation, loading and monitoring.
  • Reference Data Management – Showcases various methods for configuring, managing, and using Reltio's Reference Data Management (RDM) application.
  • Data Tenant Subscription Service – Familiarizes students with Reltio's Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS) which facilitates the sharing of records between tenants and the enrichment of records with 3rd party data.

Courses are grouped together into two certificate programs available now with more to come.  These are:

The Reltio Integration Specialist certification program is designed for technical specialists who are responsible for integrating Reltio with other systems or who need to load data into or extract data from Reltio. To be certified for this, candidates need to complete four courses which will take approximately 11 hours.

  • Reltio Configuration Fundamentals (4 hours)
  • Loading Data into Reltio (3 hours)
  • Exporting Data from Reltio (1 hour)
  • Data Tenant Subscription Service (3 hours)

The Reltio Configuration Specialist certification program is designed for technical specialists who are responsible for configuring Reltio to support a customer business use case. For this certification, candidates need to complete the following five courses which will take approximately 12 ½ hours

  • Reltio Connected Data Platform and Architecture (1.5 hours)
  • Reltio Configuration Fundamentals (4 hours)
  • Loading Data into Reltio (3 hours)
  • Reference Data Management (1 hour)
  • Creating Match Rules (3 hours)

Beyond these current role-based certifications, Reltio plans to provide comprehensive future learning paths for certifying solution architects, data stewards and a broader collection of those involved in configuring, integrating, managing, and supporting Reltio implementations.

Learner Feedback

Early response to the Academy has been positive. To date, nearly 2000 course sessions have been completed or are in process of completion by users who are helping companies migrate to or integrate with Reltio’s cloud-native solution.

The feedback from those who have registered or already completed one or both certification programs is positive and include comments like:

“Awesome training! Material was clear and effective.”
“Well structured. Test after each topic helps recall. Labs are really helpful.”
“Really useful. Glad I can save the training API calls package as well as the training documentation for future reference.”
“It was great; helped me learn a lot about Reltio configuration.”

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