Modern Data Management Summit 2018 Welcomes Enterprises to the Self-Learning Era

What an exciting data summit to be a part of. As Richie Etwaru, CDO of IQVIA put it, we are still having the intellectual hangover from the event. As a Diamond sponsor of the summit, it was a great pleasure for us at Reltio to welcome all attendees, sponsors, and speakers to what has proven to be the largest gathering of data management leaders and practitioners. 

Held on February 26-27 2018 in San Francisco, the second annual summit had over 40 sessions and panels, 60 speakers, and 19 leading data management enterprises as sponsors. There was never a dull moment during the conference. This year there were three tracks – Modern Data Management, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Tracks covered a wide range of top of the mind topics such as Master Data Management, Reference Data Management, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Data as a Service, and Blockchain. 


Presentations and demo sessions  reviewed the most advanced solutions for Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Consumer 360, Account 360, Supplier Management, Product Management, Data Monetization, and Compliance (GDPR, KYC.) Hundreds of senior IT and business executives from life sciences, healthcare, media & entertainment, hospitality, retail, financial services and technology corporations joined to witness and discussed the latest advancements in data management.


The highlight of the event included the introduction of the latest version of the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform with Reltio CEO Manish Sood kicking off the conference by delivering the keynote address: The Self-Learning Enterprise Era. Learn more about Self-Learning Data Platform by reading this whitepaper. Michele Goetz, Forrester Research Principal Analyst reviewed how “Machine Learning Puts Data Front And Center For Business”, exploring why the technology must operate at the heart of a data strategy, not only at the edge, and detailing how enterprises are turning from data as an asset to data as a business.

Summit also recognized the smartest and most innovative IT and business professionals with The Data Genius Awards. The recipients have blazed the trail for their creative use of data for the benefit of their companies raising their Enterprise Data IQ every day through continuous Data Organization and Self-Learning. 

It was not all work but plenty of fun as well! Attendees joined the evening reception and tried their luck at the casino night, keeping their commitment not to gamble with their data! Some quick snippets from the event are captured in this video.

Overall a great event with excellent sessions that offered new ways companies must think about their data to be competitive in the new digital economy. Companies are beginning their journey towards a Self-Learning Enterprise starting with the organization of data of all types and sources at scale to form a trusted data foundation. They are leveraging analytics for operational execution—simple business rules or machine learning algorithms tuned by data scientists—to deliver recommended actions and aspiring to become the Self-Learning Enterprise that measures the outcomes of those actions and use data in a continuous cycle of improvement. 

Selected session recordings from the event will be available soon. Submit your request to access the session videos from the Summit here.
If you missed the event this year, watch this space and we will announce the next summit soon! See you at #DataDriven19