Going Beyond MDM for CRM - Getting a 360 View of Everything

Last week I had the privilege of co-presenting with our partner Salesforce at their annual Dreamforce event with Srinivas Alladi, Senior Director and Lead Architect. You can watch the video of the full presentation here.

Our topic centered around how for over 10 years, master data management has promised a 360 view of your customer - bringing data across multiple sources in the enterprise, combining it with third-party data, and then cleaning and matching all data sets to form a single view. While there have been successes, for most this has been a complex, costly endeavor that doesn't reflect the elegance, ease-of-use and scalability of salesforce cloud applications.

We introduced a new MDM, known as modern data management, that brings data together in the cloud, not only managing customer profiles, but combining a limitless number of entities such as products, price, locations, and relating them all together in powerful hierarchies and affiliations.

These new platforms use powerful new big data technologies, similar to those used to power Facebook and LinkedIn applications, which enables them to also combine interactions and transactions, including social data, deliver an all encompassing view for relevant insights and recommended actions.

Judging by the attendance the topic touched a nerve. There were many questions before and after the session around use cases of how modern data management has been deployed today across industries, and how companies are standing up solutions with immediate end-user facing business value, in a fraction of the time it takes legacy MDM implementations to even get started.

Following my overview of modern data management, Srinivas delved into how salesforce cloud and other applications can immediately benefit through capabilities such as "search before create", "embedding views and functionality seamlessly into sales cloud" and more.

If you would like a copy of the presentation, or to read more about the topic, please contact me and check out some of the other blog posts below: