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Stitching Together Online and Offline Customer Data

By Phil Britt

Please visit https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/stitching-together-online-and-offline-customer-data/ for the complete article.

Customers Have a Singular View

Though a company might view online and offline channels as different, customers do not, said Ajay Khanna, vice president of marketing at master data management platform provider Reltio. “Bringing all customer data together and making it consistently available across all channels and all functional groups such as marketing, sales, service and support is crucial. This requires an advanced … master data management [MDM] solution to build a comprehensive customer 360 degree view”.

He added that employing an MDM equipped to connect all the data relevant to transactions and interactions is the first step to make sure all channels have consistent customer information, enabling customers to jump from one channel to the other without losing the context of their engagement.

“Enterprises with online as well as brick and mortar stores must make sure that POS [point of sale] systems and online ordering draw from the same customer information so that customers have a personalized experience online and store associates have access to recommendations on how to make the customer experience more engaging,” Khanna said.