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Reltio Listed In Top 20 Leading Tech Companies of 2018 By Mirror Review

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Reltio: Helping Companies To Become Self-Learning Enterprises

Reltio was founded in 2011 on a single premise: Companies that learn faster grow faster. Enabling companies to ‘Be Right Faster,’ the company’s solution, Reltio Cloud, is the only Self-Learning Data Platform to deliver enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data management (MDM), relevant big data insights and machine learning powered recommended actions, while leveraging multiple clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Successful Leader & Far-Sighted Entrepreneur

CEO & Founder, Manish Sood had previously helped build the first generation of MDM solutions, but the inspiration to create Reltio came as he saw the limitations becoming more apparent. Despite the success and gradual maturation of the $1B-plus MDM market, there were clearly multiple challenges. First, the commercial availability of big data technologies and elastic cloud computing showed how traditional heavyweight, on-premise, ERP-class data management is inefficient and costly. Second, time-to-value never really aligned with the expectations of frontline business users, who were pouring billions of dollars into self-service ad-hoc business intelligence or analytics tools.

Thanks to his own background in the market and a lifetime passion for innovation, Manish recognized the need and the opportunity. He set out to build Reltio with a clear vision: to create a simple way for companies to become self-learning. So Manish left his job, invested his own money and launched Reltio, and the company was soon getting the attention of VC firms for its breakthrough approach. In 2015, Reltio raised $10.4M in Series A funding from Crosslink Capital and . 406 Ventures. It then went on to raise an additional $22M in Series B in 2016 and $40M in Series C in 2017.

As a leader, Manish continually challenges conventional thinking and encourages innovation. He expects results, prefers progress over perfection and uses systematic analysis in the face of adversity. Reltio is an innovative technology company nurturing and grooming the next generation of technology leaders while solving complex enterprise problems. With high value placed on people and culture, all employees are empowered to take on any challenges they see, regardless of their role.

With persistence and passion, Manish has won over Fortune 500, billion-dollar conglomerates, beating out longtime incumbents. In fact, many Global 2,000 organizations and companies of all sizes and industries rely on Reltio to become Self-Learning Enterprises. Manish’s internal financial discipline also keeps Reltio focused on driving value. All investments are calculated risks, which has enabled the company to grow rapidly. He’s focused on making the company successful for customers, employees and investors alike.

Today, the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform, developed natively in the cloud, organizes enterprise data for continuous self-learning. With Reltio, all enterprises can manage data as easily as the leading digital companies, leveraging continuous data organization and recommended actions to measure and improve operations. Reltio organizes data across all domains and formats from internal, external, third-party and social media sources, creating a unified data set with unlimited personalized views for users across every discipline: sales, marketing, compliance and more.

As a core component of its platform, the Reltio Self-Learning Graph works under the covers to combine, relate and store an infinite number of attributes and relationships to rapidly deliver any data-driven application for any business need. Reltio leverage machine learning (ML) to continuously improve data consistency, accuracy, and manageability for better data quality. ML capabilities help uncover patterns, detect anomalies and assist users (such as data stewards) do their jobs more efficiently. ML also enables a seamless foundation for the generation of relevant insights and contextual recommended actions, which can be operationalized through data-driven applications. The Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform scales horizontally to deliver elastic performance, providing on-demand scale up and scale down capacity provisioned based on workloads and supporting the throughput that companies need at any time. Unlike hosted/managed services non-multi-tenant cloud, where capacity is limited by the hardware originally sized and dedicated to each customer, Reltio Cloud’s true multi-cloud, multi-model, multi-tenant architecture provides burst capacity to handle any data access or load scenarios which may have spikes in real-time operational business usage.

Accolades & Awards

Less than a year after Reltio launched, it was named leader and “most visionary” in the Forrester MDM Wave. The data management innovator also ranked #153 in the 2017 Inc. 5000, with a three-year growth rate of 2,568%. Reltio’s work culture has also won recognition and awards: Fortune named Reltio one of the ‘Top 30 Workplaces in Technology’ in 2017 and #1 among ‘Best Small & Medium Workplaces.

Team Players

At Reltio, Manish makes sure that HR is accountable to diversity goals for employee recruitment and retention. Married employees in same-sex or heterosexual relationships receive the same benefits. Reltio also believes in encouraging women in STEM fields, and the company has named its conference rooms after famous female scientists. Some of the leading Reltio engineers and data scientists, including Chief Architect Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, are women.

Tech Industry Through CEO’s Vision

Manish believes that “we no longer have the luxury of waiting five to ten years for the next iteration of technology solutions. Business executives must embrace this pace of change and build continuous self-learning into their DNA.” Manish recommends creating a supportive environment, where all ideas are welcome, and employees put themselves in the customer’s shoes. This mandates cross-functional teams, which may even include partners and customers as catalysts.

Reltio is changing the way companies gain value from data, arguably one of the most valuable business assets today. Through innovative thinking and a breakthrough solution, Reltio is allowing organizations to ‘Be Right Faster,’ and it’s on track to become the next billion-dollar company.