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Getting IDMP Ready via Modern Product Data Management

IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) should not be seen just as a compliance or a pharmacovigilance reporting challenge but as an operational improvement opportunity. It is a strategic project that can transform the entire pharmaceuticals value chain. Greater integration across multiple functions and systems such as regulatory, labeling, safety, manufacturing, clinical and quality can offer impressive ROI. Any pharmaceuticals company that wants to operate more efficiently and nimbly in a rapidly changing world needs a central way for understanding product data inside and outside of the enterprise.

This joint white paper by Cognizant and Reltio discusses what a modern data management approach means for pharmaceuticals companies seeking to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness while meeting IDMP’s compliance objectives. In our view, the best way to accelerate this process is to implement a solution using an existing IDMP-compliant product hub framework, such as the one discussed in this white paper.

The advent of Data as a Service (DaaS) built into a modern data management platform dramatically changes the game, not just for acquiring external data from multiple sources, but for sharing data internally as well.