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Driving Faster and Deeper Insights with Reltio IQ




We sat down with Upwan Chachra, Principal Product Manager at Reltio, to go over how master data brought together with big data scale interactions and transactions into a single environment enables faster time to analytics. In this short video, Upwan discusses:

  • What is Reltio IQ?
  • Use cases of Reltio IQ
  • Driving faster insights with Reltio IQ
  • Making better business decisions with Reltio IQ

One of the questions I often get asked about is, hey, I’ve already made an investment in a data lake, where does Reltio IQ fit into this story? With data lakes, you typically need to profile data and organize it on an ongoing basis. Where we see Reltio IQ adding a tremendous value is that data is already organized and cleansed with visibility into derived relationships. If your use case is focused on driving faster insights or make insights available operationally in an efficient manner, Reltio IQ will help you get to that goal faster.