Cognitive Computing & Big Data Analytics with Judith Hurwitz

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0:00 Overview
1:15 Examples of Cognitive Computing  
2:59 The Challenge of Reliable Data
5:52 Getting Personalized, Relevant Insight
7:58 Graph Technology Connects the Dots
10:05 Bringing the Right Data Together
12:15 On Data Lakes and Time to Value
14:29 How Self-service BI Fits in
18:24 The Criticality of Master Data Management

We Skyped Judith Hurwitz, author of the best selling book Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics to get her thoughts about big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, master data management ... and data bathtubs!

Judith Hurwitz is the President of Hurwitz & Associates, a consulting and research firm focused on important emerging technologies.  Hurwitz has co-authored eight books including Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics

Ramon Chen and Judith Hurwitz
Judith Hurwitz - Reltio Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics