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AI Propels the Dawn of a New Customer Experience Era

Published in Smart Customer Service by Sheryl Kingstone at http://www.smartcustomerservice.com/Columns/Expert-Advice/AI-Propels-the-Dawn-of-a-New-Customer-Experience-Era-119837.aspx

“Improving customer experiences demands an approach that takes into account all of the tools, processes, and data across the customer journey. The complex process usually involves dynamically maintaining a single source of truth about each customer to drive personalized experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors.”

“Advancements in artificial intelligence driven by machine learning algorithms are at the heart of next-generation customer experience initiatives. AI is the glue delivering contextually relevant experiences, powered by newfound data. Systems of record coupled with systems of intelligence can make processes more efficient.”

“Turning data into meaningful intelligence is crucial. Data-driven individual experiences require information that is updated constantly (e.g., transactions, events, contexts, interactions, and behaviors) and tied to a unique identity for each customer to build complete customer profiles. Then that information and identity must be turned into prescriptive insight using machine learning-based algorithms to identify customer opportunities and determine how to best engage with customers across multiple channels and devices.”

“Companies such as Allsight, Amplero, NGdata, Quaero, and Reltio offer new customer data platforms and approaches that typically combine structured and unstructured first-, second-, and third-party data to continuously synthesize, learn, adapt, improve, and automate in real time, relating and linking data and creating a dynamic customer graph with a high accuracy.”

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Sheryl Kingstone is research director for business applications at 451 Research.