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Reltio & Cognizant: A Conversation with Naveen Sharma

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0:00 Cognizant. One of the Largest Global EDM Practices
2:31 Cognizant and Reltio Success Stories
4:00 A Shared Vision of the Data-driven Enterprise

5:40 The Next Generation of Solutions by Industry Vertical
7:51 Going Beyond MDM with Data-driven Applications
9:53 IoT: A Growing Intersection of Technology and Physical Objects
11:59 Mobile and Cloud Strategy at the Forefront
13:33 Data as a Service Ensures Consistent, Quicker Access to Data

14:30 Cognizant as a Reltio Platinum Partner
16:25 Trust, Transparency and Collaboration

Naveen Sharma, Head of Enterprise Data Management for Cognizant sat down with Vasu Vallurupalli, VP Alliances Reltio for a fireside chat. Naveen covered Cognizant's perspective of the evolving business and technology landscape; how customers are benefiting from a strong partnership between the two companies; and examples of innovative solutions Cognizant has been able to deploy with Reltio Cloud.

We’ve done work together at one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the country. They were going through a very larger merger and acquisition activity. They needed a very quick way of pulling together customer data from both of these entities that were merging, getting to a deduplicated data set so they could align their field forces. After the merger, they wanted to really hit the ground running, have the field be ready with a unique list of customers that they should be targeting. So we collaborated. We used Reltio to get that project off the ground.
Another large pharmaceutical manufacturer who wanted to stand out. A MDM project in a period of eight weeks. This was for the Australian-New Zealand Geography, and we said we think we can do it with the Reltio platform. So we collaborated again, stood up a MDM implementation in a period of eight weeks for a geo, frankly, that’s a timeline, that’s an outcome that is unheard of within the traditional MDM deployment.
Naveen Sharma Cognizant Reltio Platinum Partner