Here's What B2B Marketers Really Want for Christmas

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Ah, the joys of Christmas mornings. Waking up, seeing the  presents under the tree. 

It got us thinking. Do B2B marketers have Christmas wish lists? What do they fantasize finding under the metaphorical tree? 

So we asked.

Ramon Chen, CMO, Reltio

2016-22-December-Ramon Chen-CMO-Reltio.jpg
This holiday season, B2B marketers should wish for an accurate list and complete view of their customers, without having to check it twice.

As consumers, we’ve come to expect the targeted, personalized advertising and content provided to us as we browse websites like Amazon, rank and rate stores and services on Yelp and interact with our social networks.

Yet when it comes to being marketed to in a B2B context, we find ourselves continuously bombarded by one-size-fits-all content, old techniques and methods in an attempt to engage us.

In 2017, B2B marketing should wish for a way to leverage rich account data with accurate contact preferences to successfully provide relevant and timely information and offers. After all, if your data is naughty, how can you expect your campaigns to be nice?