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Consumer-Grade Applications That Work and Why

By BILL SCHMARZO (“Dean of Big Data”) EMC InFocus – Global Services Blog

In my prior blog “The Keys to Creating Great Consumer-grade Apps,” I discussed what was meant by the term “consumer-grade apps.” I said that good consumer-grade apps were:

  • Very easy to learn, use and navigate
  • Appealing to the eye—clear colors, fonts and uncluttered interface
  • Made productive use of maps and other mashups to make the information more actionable
  • Remembered what I had done previously to speed and simplify the transaction
  • Used game-like visualizations to make their mobile app more appealing

Bottom line was that the good consumer-grade apps presented the information I needed in a simple format in order to easily complete the transaction.

I recently had the good fortune to meet with Manish Sood, founder of Reltio. Manish reached out to me after reading my Graph Analytics blog. Manish and his team have built their product leveraging graph analytics on the cloud[1]. Their product is built on top of Apache Cassandra[2] and leverages social media type constructs to create a consumer-grade master data management (MDM) application designed specifically for the wide variety of data sources available in our Big Data world.

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