10 Warning Signs It's Time to Modernize Your MDM Tool

The good news is you're invested in master data management (MDM), which puts you into a small and elite category of those who have been able to afford the time, effort and resources to deploy what has characteristically been a tool, and discipline reserved for only the largest of enterprises. Unfortunately, if you took the plunge early, your choice may be showing signs of age.

Feedback from top industry analysts and companies, who transitioned to modern data management platforms from legacy MDM, led us to compile a list of 10 warning signs you can use as a handy guide. 

If one or more of these signs are flashing, it warrants a serious conversation with your current provider as to how they might be able to address your concerns, and how they compare to modern offerings available today.

  1. The Cost of Maintaining Our Current MDM tool is too High
  2. Our Data Stewards Can’t Keep Up with the Workload
  3. External 3rd Party Data Sources Take too Long to Integrate
  4. Compliance and Regulatory Reporting is Impacting our Brand
  5. Our Big Data, Analytics and Operational Systems Need Real-time Reliable Data
  6. Our Business Teams Need Custom Hierarchies
  7. We Want Transaction and Interaction Data for a True Customer 360
  8. Our Company Leadership wants us to be Faster and more Agile
  9. Frontline Sales and Marketing Users Want Personalized Relevant Insights
  10. We Can’t Prove the ROI of our Data Management Efforts
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