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CDPs are Only as Good as the Data Processed

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In today’s experience economy, delivering a personalized, consistent, and contextually relevant customer experience to every customer, across every channel, is critical to business success. Interactive engagement is driven by connecting data and content, with intelligent automation.

But companies struggle to effectively address data challenges. Those relying on solutions like data warehouses, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, legacy master data management (MDM) solutions, and customer data platforms (CDP) may not have the insight-ready data they need to optimize customer experiences.

The Reltio Research Team interviewed and compiled data and perspective from independent experts and technology analyst firms to help you answer important questions, including:

  • How can CMOs and CDOs partner to optimize data strategy for more effective customer acquisition and retention?
  • What options do enterprises consider for capturing, merging and managing customer data, and what are the pros and cons of each?
  • Are CDPs Delivering the Data Management Solution that Marketers Need?
  • What Customer Experiences Do You Need to Deliver?
  • Do you know the Five Key Capabilities for achieving Insight-Ready Data to deliver better customer experiences?

This article is rich with statistics, use cases, and best practices for rapidly achieving business value with responsive data management. Get your copy now.