Workflow and Collaboration


Better data governance with workflow task management


Traditional master data management (MDM) tools have offered basic workflow within the framework of data stewards or IT, with extended capabilities and involvement of business users offered in either a custom build or ad hoc processes. 

Today's Modern Data Management platform provides out-of-the-box workflow processes to ensure structured data governance and enable collaborative data curation across marketing, sales and support teams.

Seamlessly integrated with a new breed of data-driven applications, and existing process-driven apps like CRM, these integrated workflows accept input and requests from frontline business users without having to send requests via email with no return loop, feedback or status of request visibility.

Pre-integrated workflows

Data Change Requests (DCR) initiated by frontline business users on mobile devices are entered, prioritized and queued for review in real-time through data-driven apps, integrated with the platform or through their existing CRM app that they know and love. Users can also initiate potential matches on entities for a review process.


Reltio’s Modern Data Management PaaS supports capabilities often seen in applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp through enterprise data-driven apps. Voting, ranking and rating, chat and discussion threads are included. 


All out-of-the-box workflows within Reltio Cloud are customizable, with visual editing and configuration that meet an enterprise's governance framework and way of doing business. You can also create new custom workflows to meet your business and data governance needs.


Reltio provides end-to-end traceability so that everyone in the enterprise, depending on their role and authority, will be able to see the status of requests, and the complete authorization, workflow and approval chain that drove that request. Being able to compare changes at an attribute-level between any point in time is an added bonus.


The next generation of Modern Data Management PaaS offers ongoing monitoring of governance and curation efforts. Reltio ensures that the data gathered helps inform an enterprise which areas can be improved, and offers gamification options to make a tedious, but necessary job fun and motivating.


Reltio offers more than just a way for teams across the enterprise to collaborate and govern data. Business users and data stewards can expect the platform to learn and have the smarts to provide recommended actions in the context of workflow to guide them towards what to do next. Or take action autonomously on their behalf.