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Ventana Viewpoint: Time to Take Another Look at MDM

Learn why Ventana Research tells Tech Execs that it’s

Time to Take Another Look at MDM

Master data management (MDM) as a discipline has been around for decades. And MDM software has been evolving over time to help organizations meet their changing data requirements. But if your understanding of MDM software is even a little bit dated, it’s time to take another look.

Learn why in the Ventana Research Viewpoint report, Time to Take Another Look at MDM. In it, David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, lays out why if you’re not current on MDM, your data strategy is passée.

Read the facts - supported by proprietary primary research - behind Ventana Research’s stipulations that MDM systems today need to:

  • Include AI/ML capabilities
  • Provide cloud-native capabilities
  • Deliver real-time responsiveness that scales with any volume of data

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