AbbVie modernizes MDM across multiple domains.

Replacing legacy systems enabled AbbVie to deliver high-quality, up-to-date data enterprise-wide, earning user trust. Our cloud-native SaaS provided scalability and the ability to manage large acquisitions with ease.

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Legacy MDM suffered from poor performance and usability.

Multiple legacy platforms led to poor usability.

Users complained of poor performance and data latency—merging records took up to an hour for one record.

Loss of user trust in data.

Many offline processes, scattered data, and lack of governance resulted in user mistrust of data.

Lack of affiliation management.

Inability to see complex relationships between HCOs and HCPs to better market to potential customers.

Data not readily consumable or trusted by users.

Cumbersome, inflexible search capabilities made it difficult for users to find the right data when needed.

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Why AbbVie chose our platform.

Replacement of aging legacy systems to enhance data consumer experience with a modern UI, high performance, and improved data governance—and robust features such as affiliation management.

Modern, secure cloud-native SaaS platform.

Scale with high performance to accommodate business growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Innovative search and

Google-like search to improve data discovery and visualization, increasing user productivity.

Affiliation and relationship management.

Managing complex relationships including HCP/HCO affiliations to support commercialization.

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AbbVie's solution.

Replacement of legacy systems with modern data management.

Modernizing the landscape and ensuring high performance with Reltio as the center of their consumption and integration hubs.

Scalable cloud-native platform.

Having a modern, scalable platform enabled them to handle acquisitions such as Allergan, which almost doubled their size.

Integration with CRMs and more.

Connected AbbVie’s CRMs, data lakes, data warehouses such as Snowflake, and more with our Reltio platform at the center.

Enhanced data governance and quality.

Implemented data governance rules and processes to boost user trust in data and simplify regulatory compliance.