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Reltio Overview


Reltio Overview is the beginning of your journey to learn about various Reltio products and solutions. These interactive courses help you understand key Master Data Management introduction concepts and the importance of effective Master Data Management to facilitate data-driven decisions to achieve business outcomes. These courses will also help you understand the benefits of using Reltio, and will provide you with an overview of various industry-specific Reltio MDM solutions.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

These courses are designed for business and technology leaders who wish to understand the business problems that the Reltio Platform addresses, as well as technical and other users who need a high-level introduction to the platform.

Course Content

The Reltio Overview courses cover the following topics:

  • Master Data Management (MDM) and Reltio Foundations
    • The impact of master data management on organizations and its customers
    • The types of data collected
    • How Reltio can solve customer experience problems
  • Business Challenges and Outcomes for Customers
    • Responses to business trends and challenges
    • Goals, challenges, and business outcomes
  • Key Customer Initiatives
    • The key customer initiatives
    • How Reltio brings value to each key initiative
  • Reltio Product Overview
    • The Reltio Connected Data Platform
    • The Reltio market segments and solution packs
    • Features and functionality for:
      • Loading data into the Reltio Platform
      • Integrating and analyzing data
      • Governing, securing, and protecting data
      • Using data

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Reltio Overview training courses through our learning management system at their convenience. Each course can be streamed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones to gain an understanding of the Reltio platform.

Time Commitment

The duration is 2.25 hours and the content is online self-paced. Instructor support is NOT available for this course.

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