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Data Tenant Subscription Service


The Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS) course describes the aspects of a DTSS subscription that can be modified by customers and partners to control the behavior of DTSS.  Learners will learn about the parameters in the DTSS configuration that can be modified to control the data that gets synchronized from a data tenant to a customer tenant, understand how matching works in DTSS,  understand the DTSS security model, describe the tasks that can be initiated by customers, and describe the administration components that can be used by customers to monitor and manage DTSS.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The Reltio Data Tenant Subscription Service course is designed for technical roles like configurators, developers and architects.

To ensure success, we recommend our learners prepare by researching or expanding their knowledge in the following areas prior to signing up for this course:

  1. Master Data Management
  2. JSON
  3. REST API’s
  4. Familiarity with the Reltio Platform by taking the Configuration Fundamentals and Advanced courses.

Course Content

The Reltio Data Tenant Subscription Service course covers the following topics:

Course Modules Learning Objectives
DTSS Overview and Architecture This module provides a high level overview of DTSS: What is it, How does it work, A demonstration of DTSS in action; What is a Reltio Data Tenant (DT), What is a Reltio Customer Tenant (CT), The DTSS Event Queue, The DTSS Application Service, and the DTSS Subscription
Reltio’s Preconfigured DTSS solutions This module describes Reltio's preconfigured solutions that make use of the Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS), including:
The National Provider Identifier (or NPI) data set.
The Drug Enforcement Agency (or DEA) data set.
The 340B Drug Discount Program data set.
The Dun and Bradstreet real time connector which uses a data tenant to store match results from D&B.
The DTSS Subscription This module describes the options in the DTSS subscription that can be used to control the operation of DTSS for a customer tenant. Coverage includes an overview of the subscription followed by in-depth examination of mapping, events, synchronization, importing relations, and monitoring of the subscription.
DTSS Operations and Administration This module describes how to Monitor and Administer a DTSS implementation including an overview of the DTSS tasks, DTSS object level tasks; DTSS bulk operations tasks.
DTSS Best Practices, FAQs and Troubleshooting
This module describes Best Practices, Troubleshooting guide and FAQs for a DTSS implementation

Final Exam

After completion of all the self-paced videos and successful completion of the knowledge checks for each module, learners will be able to take a final knowledge check exam covering all the course content. On successful completion of the final knowledge check, learners will be issued a badge for the course as well as a certificate that will be valid for two years.

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Data Tenant Subscription Service modules through Reltio Academy at their convenience. The materials can be viewed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

A Postman collection with the DTSS API requests demonstrated in the training materials will be provided for learners who wish to try out the operations for themselves.

Time Commitment

This course requires approximately 3 hours to complete the self-paced learning content.