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Creating Match Rules Course


This course describes the use of the match rule framework within the Reltio platform. Coverage includes experience from a data steward’s perspective of cleansing, matching, merging, and survivorship, how match and merge leverages the Reltio information architecture, various types of match rules, how to construct match rules, how to use various match level cleansers, and best practices for various attribute types.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The Reltio Creating Match Rules course is designed for technical roles such as configurators, developers, and architects.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course but the recommended skills are an understanding of Master Data Management and understanding of classic match and merge principles, experience reviewing and remediating matches in an MDM environment and some understanding of the Reltio connected customer 360 platform information architecture module to cleanse, match, merge and survivorship experience from a data steward's perspective.


Course Content

The Creating Match Rules course covers the following topics:

Course Modules Learning Objectives
Cleanse, Match, Merge, and Survivorship from a Data Steward's perspective A series of live demos, with references to how the match rule framework plays a role in the experience
Real-time nature of Cleanse, Match, Merge, and Survivorship A series of live demos showing these processes operating in real-time through the MDM UI
Anatomy of a match rule Deep dive explanation of the classic match group structure and its components
Four rules types and the Comparison Formula Explanation of the 4 match rule types, and deep dive on the Comparison formula structure used commonly within them
Identifying match candidate pairs through Tokenization Deep dive explanation of the tokenization architecture and best practices for token phrase design in your match rules
Cleansing within the Match Framework How to use and configure the match-level cleansers within the Reltio match framework
Additional Topics on Matching The negative Rule, Cross-Attribute Matching, Proximity matching, Tenant-level Match Strategy, Merge-on-the-fly, Guidance on matching within different solution areas.
Attribute value Survivorship Explanation and configuration of all the out of the box Attribute-Value survivorship strategies
Match rule tuning Best practice methodology for tuning your match rules

Final Exam

After completion of all the self-paced videos and successful completion of the knowledge checks for each module, learners will be able to take a final knowledge check exam covering all the course content. On successful completion of the final knowledge check, learners will be issued a badge for the course as well as a certificate that will be valid for two years.

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Matching modules through Reltio Academy at their convenience.  The materials can be viewed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Learners who want to participate in our learning labs will receive access to a training tenant within two business days of registering for the course. The training tenant will expire after three weeks.

Time Commitment

This course requires approximately 3 hours to complete the self-paced learning content.