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Configuration Fundamentals


Our configuration fundamentals course creates a foundation for the skills necessary to support the configuration and integration of Reltio solutions. Learners will learn to work with Reltio's data model and UI configurations, create match and survivorship rules, as well as basic data integration techniques.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The Reltio configuration fundamentals course is designed for technical roles like configurators, developers, and architects.

Course Content

The Reltio Configuration Fundamentals course covers the following topics:

Course Modules Learning Objectives
Configuring the Reltio Data Model This module describes how to configure the Reltio data model using the console Data Modeler. Topics covered include:
1) Configuring the data model
2) Sources
3) Entity Types
4) Matching
5) Operational Values and Survivorship
6) Relationships
Configuring the Reltio User Interface In this module we show you how to modify the User Interface (UI) of a Reltio MDM tenant using the console UI Modeler. We demonstrate how to change the layout of the User Interface, as well as how to display a relationship in a profile facet.
Importing Data This module describes how to load data into a Reltio tenant using the console Data Loader.
Exporting Data This module describes how to export data from a Reltio tenant using the console Export Application.

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Configuration Fundamentals modules through Reltio Academy at their convenience.  The materials can be viewed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Time Commitment

This course requires approximately 4 hours to complete the self-paced learning.

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