Enterprise-Class, Data-Driven Applications in the Cloud


Finally, applications for business insight AND operational execution


The days of separate analytical reporting tools for discovery, and operational applications for data capture are numbered. Today, reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions can be combined into a single cloud application, delivering both analytical intelligence and operational execution.  

These enterprise data-driven applications, with a modern data management foundation, are being touted as the future of software, and a part of a consumerization of IT trend that is helping sales, marketing and compliance teams become more productive every day. 


Reltio enterprise data-driven applications have the same power and ease of use of consumer applications, like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook, but they're focused on your industry and business. They provide new ways to deliver insights that help you take the right actions, based on the right information.


You get the picture, the complete one. By identifying and revealing relationships among the people, products, places and activities you care about, Reltio data-driven applications guide you with powerful visuals and tips in the form of intelligent recommendations so that you can achieve better results.


Unlike analytics-only tools, Reltio data-driven applications provide a two-way dialog between you and your peers. You can add new or augment and correct profiles and relationships, and provide real-time feedback on data quality through voting, benefiting everyone across the enterprise.

share and grow Enterprise-wide  

Industry-specific Reltio data-driven applications are available today with more on the way. Your application comes with your data instantaneously blended with third-party and free public sources, so you are up and running quickly. And because Reltio data-driven applications can auto-subscribe to one another for relevant data, everyone shares valuable intelligence as new applications are deployed.

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