Reltio Data As A Service

A universe of data at everyone's fingertips

Historically, identifying and blending together third-party premium data sources has been a painful and costly process. Reltio Data as a Service (DaaS) gives frontline business users, real-time access to external data providers and industry sources. Reltio can also provide access to free public data sources through DaaS and in context, on demand search. Pre-built integration and ongoing support saves you time and money. Reltio DaaS built into data-driven applications delivers information reimagined. Reltio has a growing list of partners that offer their data integrated with Reltio.

pre-aligned for one-click onboarding

Pre-aligned premium third-party, social media and public industry sources are onboarded and combined, according to business rules you define, with just one-click.  

Real-time search and updates 

Search the entire universe of external datasets in real-time. Data provider updates are propagated automatically to your application. No more waiting for batch loads or quarterly refreshes.

Data Services on-demand 

Need your data manually researched and validated? Open a Hot-DSR (Data Service Request) directly from Reltio and have the request worked on by an industry subject matter expert.

available today with more on the way 

New external data sources can be added as quickly as you need them. Reltio will partner with data providers you select for quick integration and certification.

Monetize Your own Data

Your enterprise data is a valuable asset that others may pay you money for. You can leverage Reltio Data as a Service to distribute data not only to internal stakeholders, but also license your data externally.