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Top 5 Global Cosmetics Company

The top 5 global manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics was dealing with eroding consumer loyalty and declining market share. In the past they used legacy Master Data Management (MDM) solution as well as custom built solutions for managing their customer data across different geographies but could not deliver on the promise of MDM due to rigid and unscalable data architecture. They needed a single, unified view of their customers across all geographies and departments to enable a digital global brand marketing strategy and deliver better customer service and brand experience for all consumers globally.

Reltio Cloud was used to deploy Consumer 360 globally to significantly improve customer data organization and create a single view of their customers with complete profile, interaction and transactional data converged from multiple internal and external sources. It helped them create a complete view of consumers across all channels and regions enabling consumer-oriented reforms and driving digital growth. Reltio Self-Learning Graph helped them uncover relationships not just between consumers and products, but locations, family members, channels, and transactions apart from solving householding challenges. In addition, it provided them the ability to match names in non-English languages. With Reltio’s cloud-based platform, flexible modern data architecture, and agile deployment, it took them 16 and 20 weeks to go live in China and US respectively, thus delivering lower TCO and quicker time to value for their IT and Marketing teams. Their goal of staying relevant to constantly changing consumers and markets is a reality now.