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A Global Diagnostic Device & Service Provider

A global diagnostic device & service provider had 50 distributors, each supplying sales data in different, inconsistent formats. It required 500 hours of manual data cleanup every month. They needed improved visibility into their customer base and better view into product and sales data across all their distributors.

Reltio Cloud’s Modern Data Management Platform as Service (PaaS) delivered a reliable view for sales, and single point of management for company’s data sources while offering agile execution. Reltio reduced the data cleansing and processing time by 60% and saved more than $400,000 in internal development costs. In addition, it helped them improve data integrity and timely processing of incentive compensation for their sales force.

In hindsight, we carried our legacy process for years and years. If I could do it again, I would have done this sooner.

— Senior Director of Business Intelligence & Solutions

Alere Uses Reltio & ZS to Cut Cycle Times by 60% & Save $400k in Development Costs