Mergers and Acquisitions


Accelerate pre-merger analysis & post-merger integration

Plethora of modern data management and data-drive application screens

INCREASING M&A across all industries

During the pre-merger phase, there's a business and compliance need to understand how data assets from each of the combining companies overlap or complement each other. Information about customers, suppliers, contracts management, human resources, products, pricing and financials are all key data points that need to be examined.

Traditional MDM can't help

Existing technologies such as on-premises master data management (MDM) solutions are themselves siloed datasets requiring reconciliation. Their long implementation cycles and constrained focus on master data disqualifies them as an option to support this process. Only a Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) can bring together and act upon data from thousands of sources, across hundreds of operating companies and organizations in the cloud. 

Instant pre-merger analysis

Reltio Cloud for M&A is uniquely able to handle the volume, variety and velocity of data across hundreds of sources and applications with tens of thousands of attributes. Reltio rapidly connects the dots between related information, as well as systematically cleansing and standardizing data, making it reliable for reference and downstream consumption.

Modernizing Clean Rooms

Reltio has been used successfully for M&A Clean Rooms which are shared between companies involved in the merger, acquisition or joint venture. Confidential data such as information about customers, products, vendors, employees is loaded into Reltio with access granted only to independent auditors and other authorized business users.  With no hardware or software to buy, granular security and access controls, Reltio stands up a clean room in a fraction of the time it would normally take. 

Enriching Data for a complete view

A Clean Team analyzes data from the respective companies and models potential synergies for the combined company. During this process both companies can use Reltio's built-in Data as a Service (DaaS) to augment and enrich the information. As an added benefit companies often find that they can also surface valuable and unused dark data.



Post acquisition, all consolidated and rationalized data is immediately available for operational and analytical use. The combined company can take advantage of Reltio's ability to rapidly distribute data to downstream applications across the two companies, and also use Reltio data-driven applications to deliver a new set of capabilities to address opportunities unsupported by their existing systems.