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Reltio Information Convergence

Are you a Business User in a Sales or Marketing function? Can you answer the following questions without asking your IT team to run multiple reports that take weeks or months:

  • what customers to target?
  • how best to engage them?
  • what products to sell them?
  • when is the opportune time to sell?

Does your business stop while you gather answers for these questions? Do your customers give you all the time that you need to find these answers before they buy a competitor’s product?

The simple answer is “No”. These are not new questions for a business, however the data required to provides answers to such questions is spread across your internal and external data sources including the various channels that your customers use to interact with your business.

Reltio’s Information Convergence Applications are designed for Business Users who want to benefit from the insights that are available at the intersection of data from:

  • Enterprise applications – Internal data sources within the enterprise
  • Premium 3rd Party data feeds – industry specific information curated by various data bureaus 
  • Open data sources – the latest information from different government agencies or other open data providers
  • Social media sources – user managed and shared upto date information

These are combined with every interaction that is taking place with the customer across your enterprise, via in-person, web, email, phone, mobile, social or any other interaction channel, in real-time to create a holistic picture of your customer that you do business with.

Unlike the current breed of applications, Big Data applications do not get bogged down by information overload. Big Data applications do not require huge IT investments or months of implementation; you can get started in a matter hours and be up and running. Big Data applications are changing the way you understand and work with data, by enabling Business Users in Sales, Marketing and Compliance areas to derive business insights by directly working with data.

Reltio’s Information Convergence Applications enable the processing of massive data sets, quickly and easily, with the ability to mix transactional and analytical data, without the need to predefine a data model or re-engineer it as the complexity of the requirements grow. Thus, Reltio Information Convergence Applications are extremely responsive, agile and deliver insights in real-time to the business users as they interact, edit or collate information within such an application. The flexibility and durability of the underlying Big Data processing capabilities allows Reltio’s Information Convergence Applications to evolve and support the large amounts of data used to derive and deliver insights.

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