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TM Forum Digital Leadership Summit

Dynamic data management: using data to deliver and monetize 5G services.

Running a business today is all about managing dynamic data. Data is what empowers people and drives innovation for all evolving businesses none more so than telecom companies.

For a communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver value and reap the rewards of a changing society, a changing business landscape and advances in technology they need to harness the complex data they already have and prepare to orchestrate the exponential growth in data they need to have in order to prosper and thrive.

5G lets telcos dream big – but it’s master data management (MDM) that will make it come true.

This event will let you share experiences, perspectives hints, tips and concerns about how MDM strategy and rollout will define the monetizable opportunities that let CSP’s continue to add value to their clients, partners, associates and shareholders.

Join Reltio, Cognizant and telecom companies BT, Ericsson, Telefonica at this exciting event.