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Site Intelligence: Featuring CEO Fresh Gravity

Enterprise 360 Site Intelligence: Providing the best data to identify the best study sites for clinical trials

Reltio Enterprise 360 Site Intelligence is a data driven solution that enables Pharma Teams and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) to centralize detailed data about Study Sites and PIs, including past performance, ratings, and competitive information, from multiple sources. Selecting high performing Sites and Investigators that are relevant to the Clinical Study can increase the speed of the Study, lead to a reduction in operating cost, help in meeting Study-related deadlines, and increase the likelihood of Study success. The Reltio Site Intelligence solution acts as a one-stop platform where users can view consolidated information about various Clinical Studies, Study Sites, Research Sites/Facilities, and Investigators, to identify the best Sites for any upcoming Clinical Study based on a foundation of trusted data.

Join us as @Deanne Branham, Head of Partner Solutions, in partnership with CEO Ajit Kumbhare, Fresh Gravity, discusses the required capabilities and how Site Intelligence is helping our Life Sciences Research and Development teams select the best optimal study site to boost the performance and success of their clinical trials.

Ajit Kumbhare
CEO, Fresh Gravity

Ajit founded Fresh Gravity in January 2015 with the vision to build a world-class organization that makes innovative, cutting-edge technologies accessible to clients of all sizes and enables them to solve their most critical business challenges.

For the past two decades, Ajit has had a history of success helping Fortune 500 companies leverage technology across numerous industries. Prior to starting Fresh Gravity, Ajit founded Serene Corporation in 2003 and served as its CEO for 12 years. Ajit also sits on the board of ThoughtSphere, Inc. and VisageMap, Inc.

Ajit holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.